Saturday, 1 December 2012

What a Nana!

I really am a complete and utter idiot! I finished these lovely little tea light gift boxes at 1.30am on Thursday night to take to our Friday stamping club, packed everything away ready to set off bright and breezy on Friday morning..........and left the samples on my desk!

One day I may recover enough grey matter to be a whole, complete crafter instead of needing the lovely Janet to remind me to wipe my nose!

Well done you Stamping Clubbers for (getting it) despite my poor memory. Some fabulous tea light gifts were produced!

X Michelle


  1. These are gorgeous Michelle. Your projects always look sooooo neat and professional (which you are of course). I love the papers and embellishments you've used and created. Bet your class ladies had a wonderful time.

    Lesley Xx

  2. michelle silly billy but they look and Janet are a great team. wishing you both a very happy even merry christmas you are both an inspiration in so many ways thank you xx

  3. Wait till you get to my age, then you'll really have something to worry about :) Senior moments are an everyday occurrence for me. Missing grey matter aside, the gift boxes are stunning. I love the attention to detail and the beautiful choice of materials. Elizabeth xx