Thursday, 6 September 2012

Tea Cup Candle and Gift Box Tutorial

Teacup Candle and Box

1. Measure the width of your saucer

2. And the height to the rim of the cup

In this case the width was 13cm and the height of the cup was 8cm

3. Cut two pieces of card 8 + 13 + 8 = 29cm square

Score at 8 cm from each side of both pieces.

Box Top

4. Cut out about 1mm along the score line on two sides up to the score line on both pieces of card

5. Position the largest labels 8 die 4.5cm above the bottom of the card.

Keep in place with low tack tape.

6. Place a piece of card over the die (to reduce impression of die on side flaps) and fold the flaps of the box over it so that the card will fit through your cutting machine. Cut with the flaps on the top.

7. Emboss around the outside of the die with a ball tool.

8. Cut a piece of acetate large enough to fit over the aperture.

Adhere the acetate with DS tape and score the acetate in the same position as the score line on the card.

Box Bottom

9. Place the card so that the cut flaps are towards you.

Fold the two side flaps away from you along the score line and glue in place.

Score the remaining flap 4cm from the edge and fold down towards the box. Glue this in place

10. Turn the box so that the opposite side is facing you and trim off the two side flaps at the score line

spread the remaining flap with pva glue

11. Adhere this flap to the corresponding flap on the box top.

12. Make up the box as shown above so that it looks like a cake box.

Stick with pva glue as this will strengthen the box.

Breath a huge sigh of relief when the cup and saucer fits! then decorate

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